FIFA Ultimate Team Revamp Concept

UI Project


Duration: 1 Week

Currently Fifa Ultimate Team is one of the worlds most consumed video game features in global gaming.


However I felt like the capabilities of configuring your own team is limited and because of this, I felt like a few minor changes could make a substantial difference.


I personally am a huge football fan and I play FIFA Ultimate Team quite regularly. I as many others, think very carefully and spend many hours on how can I fit my favourite players in the same team. At times, I feel unenthused when I realise there is no way I can play with my favourite players on the same team just because they do not directly link up due to differences of nationality and league. At times, it even stops me playing the game due to the limitations of customising the team.


Current Layout of FIFA 21: Ultimate Team


These limitations come from the fact that the way the current system works is due to direct links from positioning. Currently in FIFA, you are required to make links based on the players being beside each other. In actual football, players develop chemistry who also do not necessarily play beside each other. Take Trent Alexander Arnold and Andrew Roberston for example. They play on either side of the field yet they are best of teammates. 

Screenshot Taken from


They even have their own carpool show. C’mon, FIFA, let’s not separate Trent and Andy.

I feel that it is unfortunate that I wouldn’t be able to play certain players in the same team, just because they don’t directly link up.


Which is why I am introducing this concept of “Best Links” which links players to the 3 best matches on the field they share. No direct links needed.







The example here shows the capability of configuring a hybrid team of 3 different leagues. Something that would be quite challenging in FIFA currently.






The circle at the top of the card indicates how strong the player links with the rest of the squad. This essentially replaces the coloured links we are used in FIFA currently.

In this example, Sadio Mane’s 3 best links are his two teammates Trent Alexander Arnold and Thiago Alcântara and his fellow Senegalese teammate Kalidou Koulibaly in which are on the other side of the field.


With this, Fifa players can now also move players to develop their own custom formation similar to how it works in Career Mode which would be more flexible compared to the limited formations that are used in Ultimate Team.


By creating the opportunity to develop a more suited team for the specific player, we can create more of an attachment, ownership and the feeling of achievement to the team they play with.

I am also introducing a 7th category to the player attributes called Mentality. We will see Att. Position, Def. Awareness, Vision, Reactions and Composure moved to this 7th category as seen above.






These attributes are effected by their 3 best links, their manager (in terms of added bonus attributes, nation and league), positioning and squad loyalty.

Managers will have a more characteristic and definitive role rather than just providing extra bonuses to contracts.

With these changes, more satisfaction would be experienced by FIFA players with a genuine passion for football and squad building due to a more flexible and personal approach.

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