Project Brief:

Design a dating app.

5 weeks - ux design





What is it?

A dating app that allows the user’s friends to find potential matches for them using their own judgements and instincts. 



I alongside my colleagues, Erin Schmeider and Megan Lynch focused research on the qualities that current dating apps are missing such as being able to read body language and a genuine flow of conversation. We interviewed 16 people with various dating backgrounds.



The insights I decided to focus on was how people found it easier to approach somebody who was a friend of a friend, how some of the interviewees did not have much time to use dating apps and how some are not confident using dating apps as they don’t believe they are as comfortable texting as others are.

“What I am basically saying is that I would like someone who is basically like my mates but who I can f#@k.” - Jack - 27

“I think my friends are a good judge of character, I don’t think they would be friends with assholes” - Maria - 23

How Might We's

How might we develop comfort for those who wants to use a dating app but dislikes texting?

How might we develop an opportunity for someone who uses very little mobile screen time find a date through a dating app?

How might we involve the user's friends in the process?




Core Feature:

  • A dating app based around the user’s friends finding potential matches for them using their own judgements and instincts.


Secondary Features:

  • Provide the main user with control of which friends will be doing the scouting match for them.
  • Allow the users friends to make a genuine/truthful profile of their friend. Including 5 key statements, 1 Story about their friend and profile photo selection.
  • Allow the user’s friends to gauge what potential matches are like by searching through profiles and talking to the potential match’s friends. 
  • Matching couple have minimal communication to make date plans with only sample text buttons provided and the info about each-other they receive from their friends who made the match.

User Testing and Prototyping


A concern for my concept was if someone would be willing to find suitable matches for a friend and how much effort they would go through in order to achieve this. I carried out user testing with many variations of low fi prototypes which ultimately shaped my final design. 


“This is something I would use because I found with other apps that it would be embarrassing to write something about yourself. It can come across as pretentious or cocky. I always found that awkward, like what the fuck do you write?” - Niamh - 26

“When you make your own profile, you will be picking your best photos or where you look your best. But your friends would probably put up photos of you having a laugh…its not like a selfie, it would be proper candid photos. More endearing pictures.”

“I think it would be better if each scout could put up a story. I think each scout would have a story to tell.”

- Kevin - 26

“If somebody is making statements about themselves, it would seem like they are putting it on. But when their friends are saying it about them, it would look more genuine.” - Emma - 20



Another one of the main concerns of my concept was how people would perform the task of writing 1 story and 5 statements about a friend.


I asked 5 friends to write 1 story and 5 statements about me and recorded how long it took them to complete the task and how my effort they went through. Out of 5, I got 4 responses with great detail from each and the first response was within 2 hours, the last was 6 days. 

User Testing V.2:



From another round of user testing, an extra feature was added which is sort of an interrogation room in a dating app form.




The representatives talk to each other to see if they are a potential match while other friends are overlooking and monitoring. The representatives in the chat can see what their party are saying.